Beast Mode 2 Officially Becomes The Highest-Charting Streaming-Only

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Beast Mode 2, the sequel to a 2015 collaboration with Atlanta producer and Super Producer Zaytoven, took a little time and sweat to produce — Zay told Fader the new mixtape’s nine songs were culled from a hundred tracks created in sessions that spread out over two years — and you can hear it in the verses. Zaytoven and Future are one of the great rapper/producer duos of our time, and Beast Mode 2 is a 30-minute crash course in the hows and whys. Struggle is the beating heart of Future’s art, and Zaytoven’s fleet, expressive work on the piano pushes his partner to dig deep, while leaving room for Future to cut through his frantic flurries of notes with simple, undeniable melodies. The first Beast Mode’s “Just Like Bruddas” and “No Basic” exemplify this dance; when producer and rapper sync up, it’s hard to tell who’s playing off of whom.

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