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VIC MENSA Get Kicked Off American Airlines

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Chicago rapper Vic Mensa gets into with airline workers this past week. The artist recounted the events on his Snapchat upset about the situation that occurred during boarding. After several flight delays, American Airline customers were called to board the plane. However, Mensa witnessed the mistreatment of one of the other passengers, and decided to step in and defend the woman. Unfortunately, that didn’t go well with the airline and Mensa was asked to remove himself from the line. Instead, Mensa continues to board the plane and was eventually escorted by police. Initially, he was told he would be able to board once all passengers were seated. But the rapper says that that didn’t happened. American Airlines responded by sending Mensa a message on Snapchat advising him to reach out to corporate. Mensa says doesn’t regret defending the women one bit, and that he could never watch another man, particularly an airline worker, disrespect a female in that manner. Much respect to Vic Mensa. He seems to be a pretty stand up guy.

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