Lil Pump releases “Designer” (Prod. By Zaytoven)

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On Sunday, Lil Pump releases his full song to his Zaytoven collaboration that he previewed in October on social media.  “Designer” portrays a news anchor who is commenting on the controversy surrounding his “Gucci Gang” video. A Catholic elementary school got into trouble by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles because they allowed Pump to shoot his video there without informing the jurisdiction.   Some of the problematic imagery involved a school official getting smacked with a bag of weed and Pump serving students lean. While “Designer” does sound like another anti-establishment, turn-up anthem from Lil Pump, he continues to use the n-word with the lines, “All these diamonds drippin’ on me, feeling like a water faucet/Broke n***as hatin’ on me/Man, the shit, need to stop it/Lil Pump, the freshest n***a coming out my city/Hit KODs and I’m blowing straight fifties.”lil-pump

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