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Diddy Opens Charter School In Harlem

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The 46-year old mogul opened Capital Prep in Harlem this week. Diddy, a native of the Harlem neighborhood, took to Instagram and Twitter to announce the opening of the new charter school. Diddy is the co-founder along with educator Dr. Steve Perry who previously opened another charter school in Connecticut. Diddy expressed that his mother was the one that instilled the importance of education. In efforts to uplift his community, Diddy wanted empower the youth by organizing a charter school that will emphasize leadership. “Through the grace of God and the support of the Harlem community my dream came true. I’m going from me to we!! I would like to thank Harlem, all my children in the school and the staff for making it happen!! #letsGO #CapitalPrepHarlem.”

Congratulations to Diddy and his new endeavors!

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