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Cops are KILLING us Back to Back

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Black people have had enough. Police brutality has been destroying the lives of black people across america for as long as we can remember. The only difference in 2016 is that we now live in the millennial era, where choices, influence, and policy is driven from social media. People are now able to catch these barbaric injustices from cops all across America.

Perfect example of these cruelties surfaced these last two days. Alton Sterling was gunned down in Baton Rouge this past Wednesday, July 6th. He had no weapon and was not forceful towards the officers; despite his surrendering approach, the officers continued to kill him for “resisting.” No more than a day later, on July 7th another black man was killed by a cop in Minnesota for reaching to get his wallet at a traffic stop. The white officer shot Philander Castile four times; Castille’s girlfriend was right next to him as she witnessed the entire slaughter. Not much is to be explained or disputed about this altercation; still, blinded white privileged opposers argue that one cannot simply judge an entire case based off a short video.

Watch these killings and let us know what’s good. Because it is quite evident that Michael was right when he said “they don’t really care about us!”

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