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Atlanta Residents Move $800,000 Into Black-Owned Bank

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After the tragic experiences witnessed over the past few weeks involving police brutality and social injustice, Atlanta residents were sparked to make a move. The deaths of two black men, Philander Castile and Alton Sterling resulted in rappers calling for activism within black communities that go beyond online ranting and protesting. Atlanta rapper and activist, Killer Mike took to social media and other media outlets encouraging residents to make some economic changes by supporting banks that support black causes. Since then, Citizen’s Trust Bank has received over 8,00 new account applicants totaling over $800,000 in deposits. Citizens Trust Bank is one of 21  black-owned banks listed in the U.S. According to Micheal Grant, president of the D.C.-based National Bankers Association, says that moving assets to a black-owned bank is a concrete way that people can help reverse the tide  of economic injustice.

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