2016 Election: Trump Vs. Clinton

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This year’s election has all of us on edge! The decision to vote for Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton has many voters stuck between a rock and a hard place. On every news channel or station, we can see the intense fight between both runners in hopes of becoming the next U.S. President. For some, its just a vote between the lesser of two evils. We saw a major turn in the polls as more numbers have placed Clinton in the lead unlike we’ve seen over the past several months. But the race is still tight. Over the past week, we’ve watch both candidates discuss domestic and foreign issues regarding terrorism, U.S. border control, gun laws, and civil rights. Is it all bullshit and lies or can we expect the change so many Americans wanted to see in our previous election? “Let’s make America great again?,” says Trump. But what exactly does that mean? Makes you wonder. Check out the video to see the debate between the two runners.

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